Support Groups

What is a support group?

Support groups are a way for people with arthritis, or who have experienced arthritis in their families, to come together and provide emotional and moral support for one another. People with arthritis can:

  • share experiences and emotions in a safe environment
  • feel understood
  • know they are not alone
  • give and receive support from people facing the same challenges
  • exchange advice and practical tips about living with arthritis
  • find new ways to solve problems
  • create friendships and reduce feelings of isolation
  • learn about and practice self-management.
Limitations of a support group

There are many types of arthritis, each with different, complicated treatment options. The purpose of a support group is not to provide complex medical information or recommendations for arthritis treatments. Members wanting specific information about their condition or treatment options can be encouraged to contact their doctor, rheumatologist, other health care professional or Arthritis Tasmania.

Many people joining a support group are looking for a friendly, informal source of reassurance and hope. However, if people are experiencing great emotional distress or have very complex problems, they may need more support and counselling that the group can offer. Contact Arthritis Tasmania for more advice and information about support services available for people in need.

How can Arthritis Tasmania support your group?

Arthritis Tasmania can act as a resource for your support group in many ways, including:

  • providing education sessions about arthritis and osteoporosis, particularly when the group is first starting
  • keeping the group up-to-date with information about arthritis
  • assisting your group to find free/low cost meeting rooms and ideas for guest speakers
  • helping you to resolve problems with members or other issues
  • advertising your group and upcoming meetings.

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