Smoother Movers Strength Training Program

What is Strength Training?

According to best practice, people with arthritis should engage in land-based strength exercises at least twice a week. Despite common concerns that “exercise will make their arthritis worse” – with the right exercise and under appropriate supervision, Strength training is in fact known to be one of the most effective ways to maintain mobility, build and retain strength and manage arthritis.

How can it help me?
  • Improvements in condition management
    • decreased pain
    • increased mobility
  • Improvements in strength and overall fitness
  • Foster social connectivity with your class peers
    • regain/build confidence in a motivating, social and supportive environment
Our Classes

Our Strength & Balance Program incorporates balance, endurance, flexibility and strength-based exercises, which can be modified according to your fitness level, medical history and goals.


45mins – 1hour

  • Blackmans Bay – Blackmans Bay Hall, 24 Ocean Esplanade Blackmans Bay, 7052
  • Clarence – Clarence Integrated Care Centre, 16-22 Bayfield Street, Rosny, 7018
  • Glenorchy – Glenorchy District Football Club, 1A Anfield Street, Glenorchy, 7010
  • Lenah Valley – Pat Murnane Memorial Hall, 188 Lenah Valley Road, Lenah Valley, 7008
  • Lindisfarne – Citizens Activity Centre, 37A Lincoln Street, Lindisfarne, 7015
  • Midway Point – Midway Point Hall, 32 Hoffman Street, Midway Point, 7171
  • Old Beach – Community Centre, Clark Oval, Jetty Road, Old Beach, 7017
  • South Hobart – Community Centre, 42A D’Arcy Street. South Hobart, 7004
  • Tranmere – Tranmere Hall, 27 Tranmere Road, Howrah, 7018

$15 per class

2023 Term Dates
  • Term 1:  6 February to 6 April 2023
  • Term 2:  24 April to 7 July 2023
  • Term 3:  24 July to 29 September 2023
  • Term 4:  16 October to 15 December 2023

It’s so easy to get started! Just call us on 1800 011 041 or register here:

If you are ready to enroll in a class, you must complete the pre exercise screen before commencing these classes
Classes are $15 per person, per session paid in advance and your initial assessment is $30 as a one off charge.