Help to Get yourself moving.

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Would you like to be able to move more with less pain? Not sure where to start? Arthritis & Osteoporosis Tasmania has produced a resource booklet to help you get started. It contains information, tips and practical strategies to help you to gain confidence to start safely on a path to moving more. Produced in 2021, the booklet was funded through a grant from the Healthy Tasmania Fund through the Tasmanian Government.

Download a copy of the booklet here

Topics covered include:

– Understanding your amazing body

– Tips to pacing your movement

– Action plans

– Resources

– Professionals that can help

One in four Tasmanians lives with arthritis or other conditions affecting their skeleton, muscles and joints. We also know that for at least twenty percent of our population, arthritis isn’t the only medical condition they are affected by.  As humans we are designed to move, and there is  a large body of evidence to support the fact moving more in a safe way can help us gain more mobility, experience less pain and manage other health conditions.

This booklet is yours to keep and use as a reference guide. You will see that it contains space for you to jot down notes and ideas if you want to. Having problems with our health doesn’t mean we can’t be physically active in some way. Remember that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so please take it slowly.

Taking small steps towards moving more will help keep you motivated and on track toward being able to do more with less pain. If you haven’t been physically active for a while now, or have concerns about getting started, please talk with your doctor or health professional first.

Download a copy of the booklet here