Smoother Mover
Strength Training Program


Strength Training Program

Smoother Mover Strength Training

Take the first step to a healthier you. The Smoother Mover Strength Training Program is a group exercise program led by a trained exercise professional and designed with those with arthritis in mind.

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Cost: $15 per session
Bookings: (03) 6228 4824 or email

It can be hard to imagine starting exercising when you are living with pain stiffness and inflammation because it can almost feel counter intuitive that pushing your sore muscles and joints will actually be good for you, but it is in fact true. If you experience pain, exercise actually helps reduce pain by increasing muscle tone around the joint which takes some of the strain off your joints. Strength exercise strengthens muscles, bones and joints and stronger muscles enable you do more.

New participants to the Smoother Mover Strength Training Program have an individual pre-exercise assessment and can elect to have follow up assessments to measure progress and improvements.

Participants enjoy the social side of Smoother Mover Strength Training Program classes; being able to connect with a likeminded group regularly, which often extends to a coffee and chat after classes.

Strength training has specific, well-proven benefits for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Benefits include: less pain without further medications, better movement and balance, flexibility and co-ordination, improved stamina and ability to undertake daily activities, better recovery from joint surgery and improved feelings of wellbeing. On the flip side, not being active could worsen osteoarthritis symptoms.


All new participants are required to complete a pre-exercise screening form and attend an individual pre-exercise assessment ($30). Classes currently available at Lindisfarne, Old Beach, South Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingston, Clarence and Lenah Valley.  When you are ready to commit you can complete this screen online here