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If you are ready to enroll in a class, you must complete the pre exercise screen before commencing these classes

Classes are $15 per person, per session paid in advance and your initial assessment is $30 as a one off charge.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

The Smoother Mover Healthy Lifestyle Program is a light-moderate exercise program made especially for people with arthritis-related symptoms. The Program is suitable for beginners, and is open to people of all abilities and fitness levels. 

Smoother Mover is run in group classes, and includes one class each week. The Smoother Movers Program is available as either a land based program (e.g. in health centres or gyms) or a warm water based program. The availability of each program type varies by location.  

Smoother Movers is run by trained fitness professionals, so you can be sure that you are exercising safely, correctly and for the most benefit!

Why is strength training good for me? 

Strength training has proven benefits for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels, including:

  • Relaxation and loosening up of tight joints and muscles (warm water based)
  • Less pain without further medications
  • Better movement and balance, flexibility and co-ordination
  • Improved ability to do daily activities
  • Better stamina and energy levels
  • Better recovery from joint surgery 
  • Improved feelings of wellbeing
  • Aerobic exercises for a total body workout (warm water based). 

No matter what your age, the evidence is loud and clear; simple strength training completed regularly, can and will help.  The Smoother Movers Program is fun and beneficial for anyone – with or without arthritis.

Smoother Movers programs are currently available in several locations in Tasmania:  Glenorchy, Clarence, Kingston, Old Beach, Lenah Valley, Lindisfarne, & South Hobart with plans to expand to other locations according to demand in the future.

Smoother Mover Warm Water Exercise Classes

Arthritis & Osteoporosis Tasmania currently offers Smoother Mover Warm Water Exercise classes  in Southern Tasmania. There is currently a shortage of hydrotherapy pools available for hire, due to a number of reasons, and we are working hard to secure more venues.  Due to this our classes are full, however we encourage you to contact us and register your interest so we can let you know as soon as more places become available.

Classes are led by trained volunteer leaders who have obtained a nationally recognised and industry endorsed qualification in leading warm water group exercise sessions for people with musculoskeletal conditions.

Classess are offered Monday to Fridays from mid January to mid December each year. The cost is $15 per class and payment is made in advance – either $150 for 10 weeks or $75 for 5 weeks. Our classes are not designed to be individual therapy sessions. They are intended to be a group exercise program and all participants are expected to follow the class program of activities (minimum 45 minutes) to gain maximum benefit.

For information on joining the program and to register your interest, please call the Arthritis InfoLine 1800 011 041. More information on the benefits of warm water exercise can be found:


$15 per person, per session

Warm Water Exercise