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We need Many Hands to pick up those Knitting Needles!

If you’re someone who enjoys knitting, or has done in the past, perhaps you might like to pick up the needles for a good cause – and the potential positive impact it will have on your joint health and mobility.  We’re starting a new initiative called ‘Many Hands’ which focuses on using our hands to keep them nimble, while creating arts and crafts items to sell – raising funds to support the ongoing work of our organisation.
We have some gorgeous Christmas decoration patterns which are available for charities to use free of charge. We are putting a call out to recruit knitters to Many Hands to knit these decorations for us and once they’re completed, we will put in the Charity Christmas Shop for sale later this year. If you would like to take part and put your hands to work for us, give us a call in the office on 6228 4824 and we will organise to get some patterns to you.  With such a rich member base there are bound to be many crafters among us, so if knitting is not something that interests you, but you have another craft you would like to contribute to Many Hands, please let us know.
We have promoted the benefits of movement in the management of arthritis and related conditions for some time now. The research evidence shows a reduction in pain, an increase in strength and flexibility, and an overall benefit to our general wellbeing when we move our joints. In the past few years, several studies have been conducted looking at one activity in particular – knitting!
Knitting has often been praised for keeping the fingers nimble, the mind active, and creating a sense of purpose for the knitter.
Worldwide, these are the areas that research into the benefits of knitting have focused on, and across which study participants have consistently reported positive results. The studies included people who had been continually knitting for decades, and a number that had not knitted in years. People who participated and knitted every day reported a reduction in pain, an increase in hand mobility and a general uplift in mood and general wellbeing. One particular group reportedly met daily and worked together to knit blankets for a local children’s hospital, an activity that gave them a great sense of purpose.
We hope this will become an initiative that can connect us and the things we like to do with our hands as an addition to our Healthy Lifestyle Programs. As this program creates items that are donated to sell, the income stream will go a long way to support our not-for-profit organisation and provide more information and support to more Tasmanians living with arthritis & osteoporosis. May Many Hands make light work for us all and in turn improve your hand joint health and mobility!
Contact us now to get involved