Learn Techniques to Help Manage Your Pain

You may have to accept that sometimes medicines, physical therapies and other treatments cannot relieve all of your pain.

Pain may limit some of the things you do, but it doesn’t have to control your life.

There are many techniques you can use to cope with pain so you can go on living your life the way you want to. Your mind plays an important role in how you feel pain. Thinking of pain as a signal to take positive action rather than being scared or worried about it can be helpful.

Also you can learn ways to manage your pain. What works for one person may not work for another, so you may have to try different techniques until you find what works best for you.

For more information refer to the following information sheets:

  • Things you can do to deal with your pain
  • Medicines and arthritis
  • Workshops on pain management

Or to request your copy of ‘10 Steps to Living Well with Arthritis’ booklet call the Arthritis Helpline on 1800 011 041.

“Relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing help to decrease muscle tension and stress”

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