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Tips for Osteoarthritis of the Hip/Knee


Many people associate osteoarthritis with ‘wear and tear’ of the joints. In a new booklet from Arthritis Australia, Osteoarthritis of the Knee: a practical guide to treatments, services and lifestyle choices, the authors advise that this is no longer regarded as an accurate description of the condition.
“The joints do not simply wear away because of too much use. In fact, it may be the complete opposite as osteoarthritis is thought to be the result of a joint working extra hard to repair itself. In many cases, these repairs are quite successful and the changes inside the joint don’t cause much pain or permanent damage. Or if there is pain, it’s mild and may come and go. However, in some cases, the repair doesn’t work as well and can cause longer-lasting changes in the way the joint feels, moves and looks.”
Whilst it is impossible to predict how osteoarthritis will develop and progress for any individual, most people are able to manage the symptoms of their condition using simple self-help measures and we now know that changes in lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee progressing.

There are many tips and treatments that may be helpful if you have osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and/or knee. For more information about OA of the hip and knee including, tips you could try:

  • Exercise
  • Weight loss
  • Medicines
  • Aids or supports
  • Treatments and therapies

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